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The organs:
Liver cancer 

Commissioned by Ipsen pharmaceuticals, The Organs was produced to raise awareness of the crucial role the liver plays in the body and how certain vices can lead to serious consequences. 

Art direction, character design, storyboarding and animation.


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The Organs.   


The Liver aworks around the clock to process

and clean up all the harmful things we may have a tendency to consume.


By creating a classic cartoon family dynamic, with Liv the Liver as the hard working matriarch, The Organs explored the potentially devastating effects that fatty food, excessive drinking and smoking can have on the poor old liver. 


The Organs characterised each vice, that Liv has to deal with, as another member of the family with Tom the Tum, Hattie the Heart and Larry the Lungs, all contributing to a potentially fatal end of the story.


This project was awarded three Gold awards at the Hermes Creative Awards

and three gold awards at the AVA Digital Awards for animation and use of motion.

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Part one.

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Part Two.

The first part of The Organs introduced our four main characters

and the negative effects fatty food, excessive drinking and smoking have on Liv.

The second part of The Organs series rewound time to a pivotal point in time where spotting the early warning signs of liver cancer could change the course of Liv's life,

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