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D&AD Awards.

This award winning project is about the creative struggles

 and difficulties I had with my practice.


However, as they say ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’, so I decided to make the most of my creative struggles and turn them into a project, gaining professional success and industry recognition by doing so.

For this project I was awarded a D&AD pencil for the 2015 WeTransfer brief. Creative Review highlighted my work specifically as a noted illustrator to remember.

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2015 D&AD Newblood award winner

and Creative Review selected entry

Making the most of creative struggles

Creative Review:

“Matthew’s charming project reinforces how the people we meet or work with can

have a significant impact on our careers. Combined with a high level of craft,

his promo pack ensures that its recipients remember him.“

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Part 1. The Animation

The animation focused on illustrating in detail the concerns I had with my working practice and how I aimed to use them to my benefit.


This project idea also gave me an opportunity to venture into animation for the first time.

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Part 2. The Package


I divided this project into two parts of a single theme.

The second part is this promotional package, which tackled promoting my self and making industry contacts. 

The image above shows all 24 of the self-promotional

packages sent to creative places and

people I wanted to work with.


On each personalised package is a segment

of a larger self-portrait. The idea being that each recipient

had a part to play in me becoming the illustrator

and designer that I aspired to be. 

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Inside the outer part of the promotional package is a leaflet that explains the entire project to the recipient. The sleeve holds the promotional leaflet in place and also allowed me to leave a little joke through the changing of ‘Hello’ to ‘Here’s a little something’ when opening the package on the inside. 


 Each package has a personalised front and an individual design on the reverse which creates a full image when put together.

we tarnsfer front pic.jpg

The inner leaflet illustrates the ideas I have about my work as an illustrator and designer and concentrates on looking forward with my career.

we transfer back.jpg

The reverse of the leaflet shows a few aspects that my illustrative work concentrates on;

integrity, longevity, depth and honesty.