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Welcome to my portfolio of personalised gifts and commissions. If you're looking for a truly unique and special present for someone you know then don't hesitate to get in touch! Enjoy.

Christmas Pals.

Commissioned by a member

of a large group friends,

I was asked to create a group portrait for their annual Christmas meet up. illustrating each member with inside jokes and their individual quirks made the piece super unique.

Christmas Cards.

An example of a personalised Christmas card made for someone's lucky girlfriend.

Press Conference.

Commissioned as a gift for the brother of this client, this custom image illustrated how passionate about politics and how much of an avid fan of Jeremy Corbyn he is too.

Press Conference.

Super Heroes.

Love super heroes? So did the two boys

these pieces were commissioned for!

Sisters and Shoes.

Inside jokes, memories,

hobbies and a joint love of

shoes were the main inspiration for this sister to sister gift. 

The Whales.

Sisters and shoes.

Created as a wedding gift for a couple who's married name was to be Whale. Illustrating both of them as the largest mammals in the world was an obvious winner.


These were later turned in to wedding invitations and then hand held fans for the guests.

The Whales.

Lovely Parents.

Commissioned as a gift, this portrait illustration was a great way to say thank you in a long lasting way.

Lovely Parents.

The Gatehouse.

This illustration of a family home was commissioned as

a gift for each member of the family that lived here.

It acted as a way to be reminded that the house would always be their home.