Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Commissioned by CALM

(Campaign Against Living Miserably),

I was asked to create editorial illustrations to accompany three 

articles for the 2018 new year CALM zine. The zines were supported by Topshop and Topman and available

in stores across the UK.


Robert Webb on Boyhood.

Taken from an interview at

'Being a Man’ festival, Robert Webb discusses what challenges are faced when bringing up his daughter gender neutral. The stereotypical gender colours of blue and pink are used to highlight the two ways that are traditionally thought of when bringing up children.

We need to talk about Weinstein​.

This article discussed the current state of sexual harassment and inequality that has been outed within the Hollywood industry.

For this image I put the

spotlight on a ‘man handled’ female version of the oscar

award to emphasise the

message within the article.

Simon Amstell on Ayahuasca​.

This article explored the eye-opening effects that Ayahuasca and other psychoactive drugs have had on Simon Amstell and his mental wellbeing. 

The use of vivid colours were used to push the psychoactive subject matter in the article.